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Invent new consumer products as a team.

Connect monthly with like-minded, positive people working toward team financial success.  

Learn and earn with creativity and passion for inventing new consumer products.




Guaranteed your products will be seen by company decision makers. 


Get products to market fast with low cost, high return strategies.


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Sign up for the next Inventing Workshop and be a part of our collaboration of great ideas being turned into passive income royalties.


Sell your invention ideas to companies looking for new products. Share your ideas and skills for a chance to earn passive income royalties for new product invention ideas that we sell to companies.

i3 resources is the parent sponsorship company of inventing workshop and also operates for the good of the public

Founded by inventive ideas and i3 resources. Inventing Workshop.

inventive ideas is a gold sponsor membership also in partnership with inventing workshop

Inventing Workshop operates as a 501(c)3 non profit charity for the public good to help inventors create and sell new consumer products, with less risk and higher return then traditional methods.  Team work makes the dream, work.